Coaching is fun, rewarding and challenging!

We'd love to have you join the Coaching Community. Basketball is a great opportunity for children to build confidence, learn sportsmanship, teamwork and the lessons of competition. As the coach you'll have the primary role in making this happen. To become a coach or an assistant coach, print the Coach application, fill it out and email to To become a Certified NJB Coach, NJB requires that coach candidates get finger printed (usually only need to do this once), attend the coaches clinic (annually) and take the online test (annually).


Download a blank copy of the roster and stats forms.

Have all players parents sign the Medical Release Form.

View info about Section Coaches Clinics.

You will also need to be fingerprinted for this organization.

Divisional Rules & Regulations 2015-16

If you have any questions about coaching, please send a message to and you will be directed to the Coaching Coordinator for NJB Foothill Chapter.

October 4, 2017 - Coaches Meeting & Clinic Materials

Coach Registration Process - 4 Steps

Rules Spotlight

Coaches Meeting & Clinic Agenda

Coaches Meeting Presentation

Practice & Gyms Presentation