Foothill NJB Parents:

We hope you and your player(s) are as excited about NJB this season as we are! 

Why are we writing now?

One of the first steps in the season is Division Evaluations, which enable our coaches to calibrate players’ skills so that they can attempt to assemble teams that are balanced and competitive. Division Evaluations are not a tryout. 

When are Division Evaluations?

Division Evaluations are scheduled for October 7-8, 2017. Each child will have one slot when they will be evaluated during this two day period. All Girls Evaluations will be on October 7. Boys Evaluations will be divided between October 7 and 8.

How do parents pick a time slot for their player’s evaluation?

Parents must sign up for a single gender- and Division-appropriate evaluation session for their player. Slots will be granted on a first come, first served basis. Please see the FAQ section if you are not sure what Division your player should be in. The link to the sign-up sheet is here:

2017 Foothill Division Evaluations Sign Up Sheet

What are the instructions when signing up?

1) Look at the Evaluation Schedule Tab and find the session time options for the appropriate gender and division for your child (e.g., 5th grade Girls will play in D2 Girls)

2) Go to the tab for the gender and Division for your child

3) Select a session with open slots and enter your child's name.

If more than one session will works for your schedule, please choose a less crowded session, so that those with less flexible schedules can participate

4) Take note of the session location and time on your own calendar. You will not receive a reminder email from NJB.

Where are Division Evaluations?

The location of Division Evaluations varies by date and session. Check-in for Egan is at the Large gym.

· Girls:

o October 8: Egan Junior High School, Small Gyms. 100 W Portola Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022.

· Boys:

o October 7: Peterson Middle School, Main Gym. 1380 Rosalia Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087. 

o October 8: Egan Junior High School, Large Gym. 100 W Portola Ave, Los Altos, CA 94022.

How early does my player have to arrive on the day of Division Evaluations?

Please arrive 15-30 minutes early to allow for adequate drop-off, parking and sign in time. It will be very crowded. Once you arrive, please proceed to the sign-in table near the front of the gym and sign your player in. It is imperative that you do this before their evaluation slot begins to ensure that your player will have adequate evaluation time. 

Please note that once players are signed in, they will have to wait outside the gym until their evaluation session begins since sessions are back to back. There will be no warm up court time in advance of the evaluation session, but evaluations will begin with a proper warm up. 

What items must my player bring on the day of Division Evaluations?

No equipment required. Simply bring proper shoes and athletic gear for full play. If you are the parent of a 3rd Grader, please keep your eye out for a forthcoming email from regarding additional paperwork that will be required.


Foothill NJB



· How do I know what division my player is in? Division levels are as follows:

o Division 1: Grades 7-8

o Division 2: Grades 5-6

o Division 3: Grades 3-4

· What if the evaluation session I want is full? If an evaluation session is full, please sign up for another session. If you have absolutely no other options, please contact Foothill NJB. 

· Why are sessions capped? The purpose is to balance the number of players attending all sessions, not to exclude any players.

· Are all players who are evaluated confirmed a slot on a team? Almost all confirmed players (those receiving this notice) who participate in Evaluations will have a slot on a team. But it still it is possible a small number may be bumped. Some wait listed players will be invited to be evaluated, but cannot be guaranteed a slot on a team.

· What if my child has an emergency during their evaluation slot? Foothill will reserve a very small number of slots for "real" emergencies.

· What if I cannot find any time slot that works for my child? Do not panic if you find no open sessions you can attend. We will work with you to secure a slot. In this case, please contact Foothill NJB.

· Will there be a make up evaluation session? There is no make-up session. Players need to find a session they can attend.

· If my child is trying out for All-Net, should I also sign up for Division Evaluations?

o If your child makes the All Net team, they may not also play on a Division team. 

o However, if your child does not make the All Net team, they must participate in Division Evaluations if they wish to play on a Division team. 

o As a result, parents whose player(s) are interested in playing on a Division team in the event they don’t make All Net should sign up for an evaluation slot as soon as possible (e.g., do not wait to find out the All Net tryout results). 

o After All Net tryouts are complete, any players who make the All Net teams whose names appear on the Division Evaluations sign up sheet will be removed by Foothill NJB.

o Parents of these children will not be informed of this change. Parents may simply disregard their prior sign up.

· May I watch my child’s evaluation? Yes, you may watch your child’s evaluation if you choose.