Winter 2017-18 Registration

3rd-8th Grade
Aug 24, 2017

Dear Parents,

We will be opening registration for 3rd-8th graders for the Winter 2017-18 Season on Saturday 8/26 @ 8 AM.  Registration for High School will open later in Oct. 

1. Early Registration - Aug 26 - Sep 5.

Opens on Saturday, Aug 26 @ 8 AM. This is for returning players, i.e, families who have had a child play with Foothill NJB this past season. If you fall into this category, please register your child and any siblings during this period to maintain returning player or sibling of returning player priority. 

Returning players will be sent a registration code by midnight on Friday, Aug 25 to use during registration. We expect that you honor the system/process and not share the code. We will be verifying the registered players against our database and any one who registers during this time that is not eligible to register as a returning player will be penalized by moving them to the general registration with a timestamp that puts them at the end of first day on Sep 6.

Please note that - If you did not play last season, you are not eligible as a returning player. This is consistent in the way we have always prioritized registration in the past. You can read more about our prioritization in the FAQ on our website.


2. General Registration - Sep 6 - Sep 12

Opens on Wednesday, Sep 6 @ 8 AM. Registration is open for all. New players and returning players who missed early registration. Registration priority will be based on date/time of registration.

Many have asked if there will be enough slots available for new players. We typically have 80-85% players return. We fielded 66 teams last season. We plan to go up to 70 teams this season subject to Gym Availability and we can find Head Coaches. The majority of slots that are open for new players are in D3.

One of the reasons for us to do early registration for returning players is to get a better gauge of the number of open slots for new players and cap registration as we reach this capacity. As with anything, we do see some players dropping after registration and to accommodate this, we do keep a small waiting list.


3. Registration Fee

Registration fee this season will be $415/-. The rise in fee is primarily driven by the rise in gym rental fees which in the last two years has gone up by ~23%.


4. All-Net

It is mandatory for players interested in All-Net to be registered. You have to be registered in our system to attend the All-Net try-outs of Sep 30/Oct 1. We will not be entertaining walk-ins as we had in the past. If you are interested only in All-Net and do not wish to play in Division, you still need to be registered; however, we recommend that you do not pay the fee at the registration time.

At this point, it is unclear if we will be fielding the Girls All Net teams. We are however still planning to hold the try-outs on Sep 30/Oct 1.  As many of the Girls All-Net parents are aware, there has been quite a drop in the participation numbers for girls across the Section. There are some changes that are being driven by Section due to this. Girls All-Net parents must have received an email from James Reilly, All-Net coordinator for our Foothill Chapter with more details on the current status as we know. If you have a player who intends to play Girls All-Net and did not receive an email from James Reilly, please get in touch with James Reilly so that he can add you to the list.


5. Head Coaches

We have seen a significant increase in interest in our community for playing NJB (especially boys) over the last couple of seasons. We are however limited by the availability of Gym Space and volunteer Head Coaches. As you all are aware, this is a volunteer run non-profit organization serving the community. All our division teams are coached by volunteer parent coaches. We are always in need of good coaches. If you are a basketball fan, have basketball knowledge, enjoy working with kids, We would like to encourage you to step up and coach a team. It is a very fulfilling experience. We will provide all the support.

We are looking for women to coach teams. We field roughly 20 girls teams every year, and we would like to give these girls role models of women in leadership roles. We do believe that there are quite a few women with Basketball and High School or College playing experience in the community. We strongly encourage you to step up and be role models. It can be for either a boys or a girls team. DO not feel restricted. It is important for the next generation to see women in sports leadership positions.

Note that if you decide to coach a team, your child will be given higher priority and will be automatically placed in your team.

Wish you all a wonderful season!

Subu Gupta
President, Foothill NJB