Winter 2017-18 Registration

3rd-8th Grade
Sep 6, 2017

Hello Foothill Parents,

Registration is now full! Thank you for the overwhelming interest in the Foothill NJB program. We are once again over-subscribed. The registration opened promptly at 8:00 AM. Within the first 3-4 minutes all the open slots for boys filled up. Here are the counts as of 10 AM.



  Open Slots   

  Waitlisted as of 10 AM  

  D1 Boys



  D2 Boys



  D3 Boys



  Total Boys




Here are some projections as many of you have questions and anxious about the status. We can only answer this based on historical trends and so please take this information as such.

  • We expect about 40 to 50 of these boys --across all divisions-- to be promoted at some point from the wait list.
  • Compared to last year, we have added 20 more spots for D3 Boys.
  • D1 & D2 boys together we have the same number of spots (D1 increased by 10, D2 decreased by 10) due to the nature of how the returning players turned out.
  • 5 spots have been reserved to allow us to add head coaches children from the wait list. We expect a couple of those coaching spots will be filled by volunteers above the line. 
  • Depending on how registration for the girls go, the number of coach volunteers we get, it is possible we may add one or two more Boys teams -- they would be at D1 or D2 level.

Being above the line is not 100% sure you are in. We reserve the right to bump players if need be for higher priority (e.g., coaches children). We do not expect this and even if we have to it will be a very small number as we have accounted for some of this. We also expect a 5-10% of registered players to drop in the coming weeks based on historical trends.


Division Evaluations are scheduled for the weekend of Oct 7-8. Drops happen right up to and even few weeks after the draft (currently scheduled to be completed by Oct 18). As a result, we will invite about a dozen or so of the highest placed on the wait-list to evaluations. Historically we average 3-4 players being elevated between evaluations and draft in each division, and 2-5 more being called up the weeks after the draft as replacements. So we would like to go into evaluations with about 12 wait list players attending at each Boys Division level.

We will not be publishing the waitlist order as there are a lot of factors that go into how someone is pulled off the waitlist. If it happens before the draft, it will be strictly based on the registration priority (time stamp). If it happens after the draft, we will try to find the player with the closest skill level to the person who dropped. This selection is not done in isolation by any one individual. It is done by the agreement of the divisional coordinators and the coaches of that division. We do this to keep teams more or less even in terms of their skills so a team does not get severely impacted or gain an advantage by losing a player after the draft.

I know this is not very good news for a number of you, but this is what it is. We are limited by the gym space and volunteer head coaches. We are being very transparent with the process so that you get a better understanding of the situation.

Subu Gupta
President, Foothill NJB