Winter 2017-18 Registration

3rd-8th Grade
Sep 5, 2017


Early Registration will close today, Tuesday, September 5 @ 8 pm. If you are a returning player, this is your last chance to keep the priority. 

General Registration will open Wednesday, Sep 6 @ 8 AM. Registration is open for all. 

We are adding 4 additional teams to bring the total to 70, we anticipate a full chapter again. The final number of teams formed will depend on the volunteer parent head coaches that sign up.

By the numbers for new players:
In 2016-17: 
    - 115 new Boys placed, 153 wait-listed
    - 65 new Girls placed, 13 wait-listed

For 2017-18 we project:
    ~140 new Boys will be placed
    ~80 new Girls will be placed

Head Coaches:
Head coaches are needed especially at the Division 2 level, 5th & 6th grades.  Parents who step up and coach a team automatically get all their children in. Assistant coaches do not gain this benefit, only head coaches. We strongly urge those of you with High School or College athletic (any sport) or with any youth sports coaching experience to step up and coach, especially if your child is in the 5th or 6th grade. The number of teams we form and thus the number of players we accept, especially for Boys at the 5th & 6th grades is dependent upon coaching volunteers.

We also need more women coaches to provide the next generation of girls in the program with role models. We believe there are several women in our membership with athletic backgrounds. We would urge you to strongly consider stepping up in this role, whether for a girls or a boys team.

We will use a wait-list feature this year for those above the limit for a division. As places open,  players will be informed when they are off the wait list. We will not be publishing the waitlist order as there are a lot of factors that go into how someone is pulled off the waitlist. If it happens before the draft, it will be strictly based on the registration priority (time stamp). If it happens after the draft, we will try to find the player with the closest skill level to the person who dropped. This selection is not done in isolation by any one individual. It is done by the agreement of the divisional coordinators and the coaches of that division. We do this to keep teams more or less even in terms of their skills so a team does not get severely impacted or gain advantage by losing a player after the draft.

Subu Gupta
President, Foothill NJB