Fingerprinting for volunteers

Coaches and board members must be fingerprinted for this organization.

  • If you have been fingerprinted in the past for another organization (e.g. school, church, sports league) that is not acceptable for the NJB organization. If you have been fingerprinted specifically for NJB in the past and it was done using LiveScan, then no further action is required. If you are not sure (or you just want to check to make sure) view the list of names and use CTRL+F to search for your name.
  • If you need to have fingerprinting done we usually make onsite finger printing available during one of the Division Evaluations days. Otherwise check out the last bullet for scheduling information and ask for the reduced non-profit rate when you set up your appointment. Our chapter will reimburse you for the fee incurred in being fingerprinted (it should be about $10). See 'Contact us' on our homepage for mailing information and submit your receipt via U.S. Mail to the attention of the Treasurer.
  • Your LiveScan fingerprinting results will be sent to NJB electronically.
  • If you complete the request form online, your data is automatically entered and the fingerprinting process will only take about 10 minutes. If the clerk has to manually input your information, it will take longer.
  • The cost at any Santa Clara County Sheriff Office is $10 -- they accept cash or checks, but not credit cards. If you pay by check, the applicant's name and address must be printed on the check.
  • You will need to review the following LiveScan info in order to complete the LiveScan request form.
  • For the details of how to set up your appointment, visit the Sheriff website, or schedule an appointment online.