Refund Policy (revised 9/1/14)

Payments & Fees

The Chapter has four components that comprise the registration payment amount, as well as All-Net fees (usually paid after the registration process). These items are defined below:

Registration Fees
The registration fees are set at the beginning of the year based upon the projected number of players and expenses to run the chapter for one season.

During the registration process, the Chapter collects sizing information for jerseys that are included with the registration fee. In addition, it offers the parents the opportunity to purchase additional merchandise such as uniform shorts, shooting shirts and t-shirts. The Chapter orders the additional merchandise at the same time as the uniforms.

Volunteer Opt-Out Fee
Managing a chapter with over 700 players takes a large number of volunteers. Every family is expected to volunteer for at least four hours during the season. For families that cannot devote these four hours of volunteer time a "Volunteer Opt-Out" option is available along with a corresponding fee. Families paying this fee are not required to complete the four hours of volunteer time.

In order to keep fees as low as possible, the Chapter accepts tax deductible donations. NJB Foothill is a non-profit corporation.

All Net Fees
All-Net teams get more practice time, more games, and have more qualified referees for their games. All of these benefits make it more expensive for our Chapter to operate All-Net teams. All-Net players are therefore asked to cover these additional costs by paying an All-Net fee in addition to the normal registration fee.

Refund Schedule

The refund amount is based upon the timing of the refund request. There are three different times during registration and team formation when the cost to the league increases. These times impact the amount of money refunded to the family requesting the refund.

Prior to the Draft
The division drafts are held one to two weeks after the Division Evaluations are completed. If the Chapter is notified of a player withdrawing from the league prior to the draft, the Chapter has incurred credit card and processing expenses. Registration, Merchandise and Volunteer Opt-Out fees will be refunded less $25. Donations may be refunded if explicitly requested.

After the Draft and Before the 1st Game
Immediately after the draft, the uniform and merchandise order is placed with the uniform vendor using the sizes specified during the registration process. The Chapter is incurring the cost of uniforms that may not be usable by someone else if a player drops out.

For All-Net players, the cost is greater because it is very difficult to replace the All-Net player now that all of the division players are not available to be brought up to the All-Net team. The Chapter now must operate the All-Net with one less player to help amortize the increased All-Net expenses.

The merchandise ordered by the player is now committed. The player owns this merchandise when it arrives.

50% of Registration and Volunteer Opt-Out fees will be refunded. Merchandise and All Net fees will not be refunded. Donations may be refunded if explicitly requested.

After First Game
The uniforms and player-ordered merchandise items are distributed one to two weeks before the first game. Number of teams, gym and referee commitments have all been made. Any players dropping after the first game creates a shortfall that is very difficult to replace. After the first game no refunds are issued.

The table below details the amount of refund based upon the timing of the request for a refund.

Description Prior to the Draft After the Draft and
Before the 1st Game
After First Game
Registration 100% less $25 50% 0%
Volunteer Opt-Out 100% 50% 0%
Merchandise 100% 0% 0%
All Net 100% 0% 0%
Donations 100% if requested 100% if requested 0%

Families that drop out after the draft must contact the Uniform Coordinator to arrange a pick up of their merchandise. Any merchandise not picked up by December 15 will be considered a donation to the Chapter.

For a player who has paid in full but DOES NOT attend division evaluations, that player is not eligible to be drafted onto a team. Therefore a refund less $25 will be issued by approximately November 1st.

A player who has paid in full and DOES attend division evaluations, but due to their priority order is not placed on a team, is placed on the "wait list" and is still on the wait list as of December 15, a full refund will be processed around December 15. If a player does not want to remain on the wait list during the period of November 1 until December 15, families should request their refund be processed sooner by writing to

If a parent knowingly falsifies any of their child's registration information or documentation in order to gain entry into the Foothill chapter illegally, a refund will NOT be issued. Please note this will result in expulsion from NJB Foothill and may result in expulsion from other NJB programs.

Refunds will be credited to the credit card that was used to pay fees. In rare circumstances a check may be processed and mailed to the home address on file in the NJB Foothill database.

Any questions about refunds should be directed to