New Uniforms introduced in 2014

The shorts and jerseys are reversible. Wear White for home games and Navy for away games.


If your child would like to wear a t-shirt under the jersey, the Section requires that the whole team wear the same color.
If wearing the Navy jersey, use the supplied Navy t-shirt.
If wearing the White Jersey, use an all-white t-shirt.
The wearing of t-shirts under the jersey is optional.

Sleeves and Tights

Arm sleeves, knee sleeves, lower leg sleeves and tights are permissible. However all players on the team must wear the same color. (This is a new NFHS rule for 2014-15.) NJB Foothill has standardized on BLACK as the color for all sleeves and tights. A player wearing a different color may be asked to remove it by the game official.

Shooting Shirt

The Shooting Shirt is lightweight, polyester and long sleeve. They run a bit large. Your child's last name can be printed on the back as shown below.

All Star Uniforms

All Star teams will use their division uniforms. What if two players on a team have the same number? In this case families should message current teammates or friends and see if they can swap jerseys. A great time to handle the swaps is at the Foothill Tournament. Teams from other chapters have been able to make this work.

How about the "All Stars" label and three stars printed on the back of the jerseys? First it's important to note that the All Stars labeling is only required if a team qualifies for the National Tournament. However, it's still a nice recognition for the players. Teams will need to collect their players jerseys and take them to a screen printing shop to get the screen printing done on both the white and navy sides. The chapter will reimburse the cost of screen printing.

The Illustrator file for the artwork is linked below - depending on your browser click it to download or ctrl-click or two-finger tap:

Illustrator File for All Stars Artwork

Example of what the back of the jersey should look like (on both sides):

Local Shops for All Star Printing

California Custom
(408) 727-4477
3270 Keller St, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Email, Yelp
2015 quote: $20 set up fee, $4/per jersey = $60 for 10 person team

If teams use other dependable shops please email admin@njbfoothill.com and we'll publish it here.