NJB Foothill is a community-based, non-profit (501c3) volunteer-run organization. The success of the season rests on the involvement of volunteers. It takes a lot of work to run the league. Please consider helping us, and if you can't, please be patient with and appreciative of those that do. We always are in need of working committee members and coaches. You don't have to have children in the league to participate. You also don't have to be a working committee member or a coach to help out. There are always short-term tasks that can use volunteers.

The following volunteer positions are available:

  • Board positions
  • Coaches
  • Assistant coaches
  • Team parents
  • Gym monitors
  • Registration helpers
  • Uniform/merchandise distribution helpers
  • Picture day helpers

If you are a new parent to the league it is recommended that you do not signup as a registration helper since that job takes place early on before parents know if they have made it into the chapter or whether they are on the wait list.

Each player is required to have a parent take on a volunteer job for either the team or the chapter. A sign-up is done during online registration for this. A parent is exempt from volunteering when they donate $100 for each player in their family. If a family has two children in NJB then they need to do two jobs (approximately 4 hours per job) or donate $200 to NJB. There is an NJB rule that there must be a female adult present at each practice. Even if a family is exempt from volunteering, they still are required to attend practice(s) to fulfill this rule if needed.